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Peak Resistance for Professionals: Monthly Consults

Peak Resistance for Professionals: Monthly Consults
Harmful forces (patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy to name a few) impact us as humans but more so as therapists. These forces of oppression try to keep us alone, scared and small, and then we can pass that down to our clients and community. 

Our Peak Resistance program for mental health professionals who want to challenge harmful systems in themselves and their work. 

These monthly, 2 hour consult/supervision groups will provide you with: 
  • Support in how to challenge harmful aspects of the psychology field while remaining ethical and intentional
  • Actionable tools to help you resist harmful systems affecting your life and therapy practice
  • Deep discussions on how our personal liberty work translates into our role as practitioners/activists
  • A sense of community and celebration of your unique superpowers as a therapist
  • Supervision and a team of people to work out tough ethical dilemmas

These consult groups might be for you if…
  • You’re interested in uncovering (the sometimes invisible) forces of oppression within our field and the care field in general
  • You want to geek out with like-minded professionals to bring more meaning and purpose to your work, to feel less alone in radically challenging oppression
  • You’re open and willing to address how toxic and oppressive systems have not only impacted you, but how you’ve impacted others and your role in harmful systems
  • You want the support and predictability of monthly supervision but don’t want to spend a lot of money

We’ll benefit from the collective wisdom of the group, along with ideas like:
  • Intersectional feminist therapy and supervision
  • Community care as a model for collective mental health and and justice-doing
  • Holistic, body based trauma-informed therapies like EMDR and Sensorimotor therapy 
  • Trauma informed group therapy + non-violent communication
  • Shame resilience 

Jennifer Hollinshead will be hosting each session, and will often invite “guest” supervisors to join us. After the last 7 years providing individual and group supervision and consultation with the team at Peak and various other organisations, Jennifer is excited to provide a supportive spot for intentional anti-oppressive therapists to land.

How much does this monthly consult group cost?
  •  $100+GST for each 2 hour session; discounts available to those with financial need and multiple barriers
    • Bonus for our community: if you've been a part of one of our trainings or workshops, you might be eligible to receive 20% off our consult groups. Please send us an email at admin@peak-resilience.com to confirm your eligibility!

When + Where?
  • First Friday of each month during lunch hour 12:00pm-2:00pm 
  • We will start the group when we have enough participants registered
  • Register your interest by emailing admin@peak-resilience.com and stay tuned for updates

How many people will be in the consult group? 
6-12 practitioners can attend each consult. This group is meant to be attended on an ongoing basis to build safety and cohesion. Smaller numbers lead to more airtime, bigger numbers can lead to broader discussions with more diverse perspectives. 

Do I have to attend every month? 
Yes, we ask that people commit to attending each month for as long as they find helpful. That being said, we know professionals are busy and sometimes you might not be able to make it. We ask that you attend one session to determine if it’s the right fit for you. Then you can decide if you’d like to commit to attending monthly for the foreseeable future. 

How is emotional safety ensured when there are so many different people attending? 
Emotional safety is extremely important, especially in a group setting. We’re aiming for a “safe-enough” group environment, and ask practitioners to challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zones in this group. In order to do this, we’ll start with getting to know one another, our similarities, differences, our shared values and our needs from the group. We’ll focus on more than just “clinical” issues and will humanize our group experiences so that folks leave feeling solidarity in their anti-oppressive practices.

We’ll be focusing on the best interests of our clients, along with an orientation to the most vulnerable person in any power dynamic. Practitioners will be asked to critically reflect on their personal experiences, positions of power, privilege and current struggles with systems of power.

What if I know someone in the group? 
We recommend attending with colleagues, friends from school, or anyone you think would benefit from this group. That being said, we’ll be mindful of dual relationships and conflicts of interest and will manage these ethically if and when they come up. Between group sessions, participants will be encouraged to reach out if you need support from the facilitator or anyone in the group.

Do I have to be a Registered Clinical Counsellor or Registered Social Worker to attend? 
No- we’re open to people in other areas of mental health support with all types of education to register their interest. When you register your interest, Jennifer will get back to you to discuss the group and see if it will be a good fit for your needs. 
Is this covered by my extended health benefits?
Potentially- please double check with your benefits provider to see if they will cover “psychological services”.

Register your interest by emailing admin@peak-resilience.com and stay tuned for updates