We are a leading counselling practice in Vancouver, BC specializing in empowering women to live authentic, meaningful lives.

Our goal is to equip you with the tools and self-knowledge to manage emotions, overcome anxiety and depression, achieve your goals and see the world in a new perspective. We work with you to inspire confidence, peace of mind and, ultimately, lifelong resilience.



We are licensed, experienced Registered Clinical Counsellors with post graduate training in a variety of evidence-based therapies which we tailor specifically to your needs.


We work to address all areas of life that may be contributing to your concerns. You will start with a comprehensive assessment and create a change plan to achieve your goals.  


We offer easy-to-use online booking, a beautiful centrally-located Vancouver office, student pricing, and convenient video counselling options for the always-busy.


We all practice from an intersectional feminist lens and work with people from all backgrounds and experiences. We specialize in supporting women striving to live their best lives.


Not sure which counsellor will be the right fit for you?

Visit our Finding The Right Counsellor page to answer a few key questions and get a personalized response within 24 hours.

Counselling has allowed me to have more acceptance for my anxiety and depression and think more consciously about it. I’ve been able to notice my thoughts and feel more okay about my life than ever before.
— E.D. Age 25
My counsellor at Peak Resilience helped me to change my life, I feel so lucky to have met her. She has helped me realize my value as a human being. She has encouraged me to feel, and validated my emotions, no matter what they were. She made talking about the toughest things possible by being open, real and honest with me.
— H.S. Age 28
Counselling has helped me feel compassion and kindness towards myself, and to reconnect with the person I can be. My counsellor inspires me to challenge myself and to work towards my best self. I can see now that living a genuinely fulfilled life is possible, even though it may not always be easy. I am truly grateful for her knowledge, empathy and insights. Thank you so much.
— E.P. Age 34