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Raven Adams

MCP, Registered Social Worker #13904

Raven (she/hers) is a Registered Social Worker with a Masters of Social Work from UBC. She has worked with women and youth in community and counselling settings.

Counselling allows Raven to express her number one value, belonging. It’s a safe space where a person can allow themselves to be fully seen and accepted. It’s an immensely empowering feeling and sets the stage for healing and growth. Raven works with clients to draw out and bring awareness to patterns in relationships, behaviours, thoughts, and the emotions that live beneath. She navigates how systems of oppression directly affect our daily lives. Raven has been described as insightful and an “island of calm” by her clients.

In her downtime, Raven can be found perpetually skinning her knees while exploring new hobbies like rollerblading and climbing. She enjoys spending time with friends, family and community through intentional connection whilst engaging with her daily adventures.




Life Transitions

Self-Worth and Personal Growth

Goal Setting

Stress Management and Reduction

Minority Stress

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Emotion-Focused Family Therapy


Attachment Theory

Critical Race Theory