Is my problem really that important?

This is a question I come across - both with clients at Peak, and within myself - on a pretty regular basis.

Now, more than ever, the intense suffering in the world (opioid poisoning epidemic, constant political drama, or various other crises) can feel pretty inescapable. Even if I try to avoid the news, it comes up in conversation, on my Instagram feed, or on newspaper covers as I’m walking down the street.

“Is my problem really that important?” also comes up a lot when folks find out about the work I do outside Peak Resilience supporting youth experiencing homelessness and street entrenchment. It’s hard not to to look at such extreme circumstances and think, “What am I so upset about? At least I’m not homeless”…

Brené Brown Facilitator Training: A Snapshot of my Experience

For the last few years, I have talked a lot about Brené Brown. I mean A LOT.

But to be fair, everyone seems to know who she is. For example, while getting my tattoo work on, I’m telling my tattooist about a training I’m going to in Houston. I ask, “do you know Brené Brown?” Without skipping a beat, he says, “is that the lady who talked about vulnerability on a Ted Talk?”. To be fair, he’s pretty much a therapist but the point is: Brené has become a household name…

Starting 2019 with More Calm and Clarity

Hopefully over the next few weeks, you will be able to carve out some quiet time and some time with great people you love. If you’re a late night New Years Eve partier or you celebrate East-Coast-New-Years-on-the-West-Coast and hit the sack at 9:15 (it’s glorious I’m telling you), here are some tips that can help you feel like you’re taking the reins for 2019.

10 Ways to Survive after Dr. Blasey Ford’s Testimony.

Many women have expressed that they feel like it’s difficult to merely exist right now- because we’re being bombarded by stories of sexual assault and harassment on an almost daily basis.

Instead of going into how horrific this all is for a zillion reasons, I’ve decided to create a list of ideas on how to exist right now.