10 Ways to Survive after Dr. Blasey Ford’s Testimony.

10 Ways to Survive after Dr. Blasey Ford’s Testimony.

My clients, colleagues, friends and family have found it difficult to process the Kavanaugh hearings over the last few weeks (and so have I). Many women have expressed that they feel like it’s difficult to merely exist right now- because we’re being bombarded by stories of sexual assault and victim blaming on an almost daily basis.

Instead of going into how horrific this all is, I’ve decided to create a list of ideas on how to just exist right now. These ideas were contributed from clients, colleagues, friends and family. Here goes:

  1. Recognize that your existence alone shows your resilience and resistance to oppression. Going to school is resistance. Going to work is resistance. Taking care of yourself is resistance. Taking a break, going to counselling, exercising, talking to friends, and surviving in general is an example of your strength and resistance to what is happening in our society.

  2. Invite the men in your life to be more active allies. Here’s a great article they can read on how men can challenge rape culture.

  3. Curate your content. Shift your social media feed to more inspiring contributors. Limit news feed time. Take breaks from media in general when you feel overwhelmed.

  4. Talk to supportive people. Listen and be a support if you can (sometimes helping others can help).

  5. Try to care for your physical health as much as you’re able.

  6. Find new ideas for self care- here are some from Yoko Ono that may surprise you (shout out to the client who told me about this article- you continue to inspire me).

  7. Healing takes time. Sometimes avoidance (e.g.- Netflix binging) is necessary and isn’t a sign that you’re “not processing” things.

  8. Try to take small steps to love your body and what it does for you. This is in active opposition to a culture that objectifies women’s bodies. Check out our post on body image resilience if you’re up for it.

  9. Pet an animal. If you don’t have access to an animal, watch cute animal videos.

  10. Use music to help you process feelings, pump you up, or party with friends.

Thanks for reading everyone and feel free to add more ideas in the comments section. Take care out there.

- Jennifer Hollinshead, MA, RCC, CCC (Founder, Clinical Director of Peak Resilience)

Just breathe…..

Just breathe…..

I’m a Therapist. Who’s Afraid of Therapy.

I’m a Therapist. Who’s Afraid of Therapy.