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5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Improve Mental Health

5 Ways to Use Pinterest to Improve Mental Health
I love Pinterest. Probably too much. Full disclosure: I go on Pinterest multiple times a day, and have pinned thousands of items ranging from fashion and recipes, to work motivation and education ideas. When you enter the search term "mental health" into Pinterest, so many helpful pins are displayed. I thought I would write a post on how I use Pinterest to not only improve my life, but specifically, my mental health. 

  1. Create specific mental health related boards. I like to title the boards using terms of where I want to go, rather than what I want to avoid. For example, instead of titling a board "Depression", I would title it "Moving Towards Happiness".
  2. Post content to those boards. Pinterest can be an escape where you browse general topics like fashion, recipes, and travel. However, dedicate some of your Pinterest time to actively searching for mental health related content that will help you move in the direction you want to go. Keep in mind, you can make some boards secret if you're not ready to have your pins in plain view.
  3. Create boards to look at when you're struggling. If you're working through some really intense emotions and need help grounding yourself at various times of day, maybe have a board called "Grounding" with various tips and images of things that help you feel grounded. The same goes if you're struggling with a lack of hope, motivation, energy, connectedness etc. There's a board for that!
  4. Actively go back to your mental health related boards to review what you've posted. I always find it funny when I go back to one of my boards to look at some of the content, because I'll often feel surprised and amazed like, "Oo... I like that... Oh, that's great..." and then realize, "oh right. I find this stuff interesting because I'm the one who pinned it". Every time!
  5. Invite friends. Working towards your ideal life can be much more fun when you do it with friends. If you have supportive friends on Pinterest, they can see what you're working towards and be on "your wavelength". Often, what you post will help them and vice versa.

Pinterest can be an extremely useful tool in helping you remember your values, goals and beliefs. Using these five tips to improve your mental health can be a great way to use Pinterest to your advantage. 

I would love to hear what you find helpful when using Pinterest to improve mental health. Comment Below!

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Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash