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By Peak Resilience Team

Black Womxn's Support Group

Black Womxn's Support Group
Update (November 21st, 2020): The group has now ended.

This year’s global pandemic is not only stressful and scary for many reasons, but has also led to more local and international attention on the long term oppression and systemic racism against Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) in Canada and the U.S. 

In this time of uncertainty, many of us are feeling more anxious, isolated and exhausted than ever before. We also recognize that there is a disparity in mental health support for Black people to process their pain, anger, collective community trauma and grief in response to recent events and the newfound interest and belief in systemic racism. 

In response to this, we have created a free Black Womxn’s Support Group for anyone who identifies as a black woman, femme, or trans person. 
Suad Mohamed

Suad Mohamed
Registered Clinical Counsellor and facilitator for Black Womxn’s Support Group
The group will be facilitated by our Registered Clinical Counsellor, Suad Mohamed. We recognize the importance of Black-led healing and believe that all Black people have a right to feel safe while being emotionally supported. We also acknowledge that Black men need more mental health support right now and this is something we’re looking into creating in the future.

The intention of the Black Womxn’s Support Group is to provide a space for Black Womxn to connect in healing, support, wellness, and solidarity with one another. The group will be a place where we can learn from one another, safely unpack what it means to be Black in Canada and in the Lower Mainland, share mental health resources, share stories of successes and struggles and spark some serious joy!

The group will be meeting Wednesday evenings July 22nd to August 26th from 6:00-7:30pm over zoom. For more information or to register for the group, please email our coordinator, Sally, at sally@peak-resilience.com.

This group is a starting point for the mental health support we aim to provide our BIPOC community and we look forward to meeting the ongoing community need moving forward. 

Here are some other resources if you’re interested in Black wellness: