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By Peak Resilience Team

Counselling + Where Your Money Goes

*Updated* As of January 1st, 2023 we will be raising our rates

Counselling + Where Your Money Goes
--- This blog was originally posted in 2021 prior to our 2022 fee increase, and has since been updated to reflect the fee increase in January 2023 ---

Hello Peak Community! 

As of January 1st, 2023 we will be raising our fees. We deeply appreciate and value the relationships we have with our clients (you!), so we hope you'll understand the need to raise rates to keep up with inflation.

If you have questions or concerns about fees, please chat with your counsellor or fill out this anonymous survey. You can also email admin@peak-resilience.com for more info.

There are so many forms of mental health support now at different price points, but not a lot of info on where that money goes. Explaining where your financial resources are going in therapy is another way we aim to provide trauma informed mental health support - the more you know, the more control you have to make decisions that align with your values. So here’s a breakdown of your session fee:

Counsellor Pay

The biggest portion of your session fee goes directly to our team of counsellors and supervisors. This reflects the two most important parts of therapy:
  1. The work and relationship between you and your counsellor
  2. A team approach to mental health care with structured supervision and support

Counsellors are in full control of their schedules at Peak, and only see clients they have energy, time and capacity for. We find this (often) results in counsellors seeing a few less clients per week than (some) other agencies. This autonomy in scheduling allows for less burnout, better care and longer careers. Another way we support employee counsellor sustainability is investing in vacation pay, sick pay, health benefits, EI, and CPP, which ultimately results in greater life balance, autonomy, and security for the counsellor.

Free + Low Cost Services at Peak Resilience

Approximately 10% of our regular rates supplement lower cost services (“sliding scale” fee structure) and free services at Peak Resilience. Part of doing therapy work sustainably is making therapy affordable for all. Past free and low cost service initiatives have included (but aren’t limited to) our free or by donation COVID support groups, the Resisting Harms of Oppressive Systems webinar, Black Women’s Support Group, Muslim Women’s Support Group and Motherhood Group. 

Research and Development

We pay our (super smart) team to do extra research and development to support the continued offerings of free education and events to our community. Blog posts, articles, presentations, free groups or courses, training for other healthcare professionals are all examples of paid work @ Peak. 

In person + Virtual Counselling 

Peak is one of the few counselling practices that kept office space throughout this pandemic while going virtual. Despite the increased costs (and initial panic) of running our services online and in-person, we are huge fans of this hybrid model and we think our clients are too! Costs in this category include rent, utilities, and paying for our client booking software, Jane. This model allows for more choice (attend virtually or in our downtown office), and clients often use a mix of both. We want to keep this in-person + virtual model moving forward, because we think it works best for everyone.

Other Operating Costs

This is where we can get into the weeds and won’t bore you too much. Other operating costs include practice insurance, taxes, paying our web developer to keep our website updated, and paying our accountant to keep our books in order. We try to keep these costs as low as possible.

We also recognize that finances can be a barrier to counselling and have created a Low Cost Counselling Options Document below.
Low Cost Counselling Options.pdf 137.75 KB
We don’t want money to get in the way of quality care. If you have questions or concerns about our fees or practice in general we encourage you to share that with us. You can have a chat with your counsellor, chat with admin support at admin@peak-resilience.com or call us at  (604) 682-PEAK (7325), or you can fill out this anonymous survey that will inform our leadership. 

The most common way people find us is through word of mouth, and we take the care of your friends and family seriously. We are honoured and grateful to work with you and hope to keep raising the bar for high quality, anti-oppressive, trauma informed counselling services for years to come.

The Peak Resilience Team