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By Jennifer Hollinshead

New Course Offering: Intersectional Feminist Therapy Theory + Its Application in Trauma Treatment

New Course Offering: Intersectional Feminist Therapy Theory + Its Application in Trauma Treatment
Intersectional Feminist Therapy Theory + Its Application in Trauma Treatment
With Dr. Laura Brown and Jennifer Hollinshead

So many evidence-based trauma therapies, so little time. 

Practices like EMDR, body-based or somatic therapies (like sensorimotor or somatic experiencing), mindfulness based therapies (like mindfulness based CBT)- can all be applied with clients in various ways to effectively address their unique struggles, goals and personality.

In addition to providing evidence based trauma therapy, how can mental health practitioners living and working within oppressive systems (like colonialism, patriarchy, white supremacy, heterosexism, or exploitative capitalism) ensure we’re less likely to perpetuate the harms of these systems through our therapy? 

How can we educate ourselves to support the empowerment and healing of each unique client? 
How can we critically challenge systems of treatment that take people’s power away? 
How can we modify treatment approaches to ensure we’re following a feminist therapy paradigm? 

The answer to all of these questions is liberatory intersectional feminist therapy, which we’re all about at Peak Resilience. We cannot be fully adherent to forms of trauma therapy and do feminist trauma practice, or any feminist practice. 

Since 2015, the team and Jennifer Hollinshead from Peak Resilience have been looking to Dr. Laura Brown for education and consultation in feminist therapy. Now we finally get to host a course with her!

Dr. Laura Brown is a psychologist known for many things. She is one of the “mothers” of feminist therapy theory, has written multiple books, articles, textbooks and presentations on the application of feminist therapy and supervision. She was the first out lesbian licensed psychologist in the State of Washington back in 1979, and has since mentored scores of LGBTQ+ colleagues. Laura has advocated for the inclusion of liberatory, intersectional feminist trauma perspectives in every component of her field and was among those who co-created the Feminist Therapy Institute’s Code of Ethics in the 1980s. 

Laura proudly identifies as an Ashenkazic Jew. Her grandparents were refugees from what was then Russia, just before and after the first World War, who moved to the Cleveland area, which was the unceded territory of the Erie, Seneca, and Lenape nations. After growing up in Cleveland, OH, and going to graduate school in Carbondale Illinois, she moved in 1976 to Seattle, the unceded territory of the Duwamish and Muckleshoot nations, where she has lived since.  She is a Jeopardy one-time champion, a second-degree black belt in Aikido, the martial art of peace, which she earned at age 68, and has written two books for adult survivors of damaging childhoods, one addressing how to deal with the ageing and death of adults who harmed you, the other addressing how to have healthy-enough relationships. Her career road not travelled is that of a vocalist.

This two day, 16-hour post-doctoral level training with Dr. Laura Brown hosted by Jennifer Hollinshead will feature a deep dive into the theory and practice of intersectional feminist therapy and it’s application to trauma healing for everyone.

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Why attend training at Peak Resilience with Jennifer as the host? 

Jennifer Hollinshead is a counsellor and clinical supervisor and has led the team at Peak Resilience since 2015. Jennifer has spoken at multiple events, trainings and has educated counsellors and student counsellors for the last 10 years on how to practice intersectional feminist therapy and supervision, while working in alternative (“private”) practice. 

As the practice founder, Jennifer (and the team at Peak) are curious as to how they can resist the harms of capitalism in their community by providing free or lower cost high quality therapy services. When you access education through Peak Resilience, you’re supporting a women owned business and you’re giving back to our community. 10% of all course profits will directly fund our free and low cost services for clients who deserve great care but can’t afford it.

Day one and two of the training are each 6 hours of lectures, discussions and some experiential components including watching video of sessions. Once the two days of training are complete, Jennifer will host two (2 hour) follow up group consultation sessions to discuss various case examples and themes in our practices.

Day 1: November 14, 2022 11am to 6pm PST (6 continuing education hours)
Feminist Therapy Theory and Interventions 

  • Format: Lecture (Dr. Laura Brown, host Jennifer Hollinshead), discussion, clinical examples and video clips; all of training will be recorded (consent form provided)
  • Expectations: We know people in the care industry are predominantly assigned female at birth, although they may identify differently over the lifespan. Lack of childcare, illnesses, other care work, or multiple jobs are common. Let’s not make training another thing to stress over. 
    • Childcare ideal for participation but not necessary
    • Cameras off, unless you’d like to share video when asking a question or commenting
    • Breaks will be throughout but we encourage you to practice your own self-care as needed throughout the training. 
    • This training will be recorded, but we’ll have “off record/not recorded” discussion time as well
  • Accessibility: closed captioning available; lunch break and bio breaks throughout
  • This course will have a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 60 participants from around the world
  • Anyone from the mental health industry is welcome, and the material is meant to be intermediate for people who have training and experience providing trauma therapy
  • 6 jam-packed hours (with a break or two) digging into feminist therapy theory and seeing it in practice

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Overview of day one: 11-1pm
  1. Definition and nature of intersectional feminist therapy 
  2. Origins, development and current understandings of feminist therapy theory
  3. Similarities with and differences from mainstream psychotherapies
    1. How “symptoms” and trauma are understood (and how we don’t use the term “symptom”)
    2. How we see normal and abnormal (and how we eschew these constructs)
    3. DSM examples and critiques
  4. Empirical evaluation of the effectiveness of feminist therapy

Theory: 1pm to 3pm
(With clinical examples and video clips) -
  1. Treatment goals - set collaboratively
  2. Principles 
  3. Implications
  4. Important concepts
    1. Empowerment
    2. Egalitarian relationship
    3. Liberatory relationships
    4. Decolonization
    5. Intersectional identities
  5. Core analytical tools
    1. Culture
    2. Social Status
    3. Power 
    4. Gender
Examples of Feminist Therapy ‘Diagnosis’ (with video clips and clinical examples) 4-6pm
  1. Applying theory into practice (with video clips and clinical examples) for ways in which the person’s human response to trauma in the context of their intersectional identities and culture manifest as various things that are pathologized in diagnostic manuals. In other words, the suffering and the difficult behaviours that people bring to us for assistance. 

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Day 2: November 28, 2022 12pm to 7pm PST (6 continuing education hours)
Feminist Trauma Healing: Applying Feminist Therapy in Trauma Recovery

  • Format: Lecture (Dr. Laura Brown, host Jennifer Hollinshead), discussion, clinical examples and/or video clips, record most of lecture portion, recording off for discussion portions
  • Expectations
    • Childcare ideal for participation but not necessary
    • Cameras off, unless you’d like to share video when asking a question or commenting
    • Breaks will be throughout but we encourage you to practice your own self-care as needed throughout the training. 
    • People should expect specific descriptions of trauma. The core of feminist trauma work is witnessing people’s experiences, a liberation psychology methodology known as testimonio. People should be prepared to do appropriate care for themselves when witnessing trauma material. 
  • Accessibility- Closed captioning available; Dinner break from 4-5; bio breaks throughout
  • 6 jam-packed hours integrating official trauma treatments (EMDR, mindfulness-based approaches, ACT, exposure therapies, somatic methodologies) into the feminist trauma healing paradigm

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Overview: 12pm-3pm
  1. Defining the feminist trauma healing paradigm
    1. Exploring internalised domination and other toxic social pathologies (white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism etc).
    2. Understanding and responding to toxic social pathologies while supporting trauma healing 
    3. Feminist definitions of trauma-getting beyond Criterion A
      1. Betrayal and institutional betrayal trauma
      2. Insidious trauma and microaggressions
      3. Not-post, but continuous trauma
  2. Origins and development of common trauma therapies (hint- most have feminist underpinnings)
  3. If we understand, conceptualise and label trauma differently (as we learned last class), how does that impact the work with clients?
  4. Empirical evidence and evaluation of the feminist trauma healing paradigm

Feminist trauma healing theory and integration with leading trauma therapies: 4pm-7pm
(With clinical examples and video clips)

  1. Exploring EMDR within the feminist healing paradigm
  2. Mindfulness based approaches to trauma healing within the feminist model
  3. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy under the feminist trauma healing paradigm
  4. Somatic trauma healing methodologies with examples

Follow up to lectures:

Consult group 1: Date to be determined on group availability, within a month of training session (we’ll put out a doodle poll to find the best time for most)
  • 2 CE hours on zoom
  • Struggles and triumphs applying feminist trauma healing model with clients
  • Countertransference and exploring our roles in therapy with clients
Consult group 2: Date to be determined on group availability, within a month from first consult group
  • 2 CE hours on zoom
  • Case example exploration, reviewing a session of feminist trauma healing
  • How to support colleagues through consultation and supervision

Cost for entire program (including consult sessions): 

$1275CAD +GST

If you have a lower income or face multiple financial barriers to attend, please email admin@peak-resilience.com and let them know you need to sign up for the course at the lower rate. No questions asked to prove your need.
Lower rate: $899CAD + GST

The Washington State Psychological Association has approved this Continuing Education Workshop. 

The Washington State Psychological Association is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Washington State Psychological Association maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

If you’re a counsellor or social worker, please check with your licensing body to ensure this 16 hour WSPA approved course will be approved for CE credits in your association.

Participants of our courses will be able to access our ongoing monthly professional clinical consult groups at a 20% discount. 

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