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By Peak Resilience Team

Peak Resilience Therapeutic Book Club

We are always looking for ways to add to our services in order to reach more of our community.

Peak Resilience Therapeutic Book Club
We’re launching a book club!

We are always looking for ways to add to our services in order to reach more of our community. This book club will allow members to have a high quality therapeutic experience at (roughly) half the cost of individual sessions.

Why Book Club?
Book clubs started as resistance. Since the early 1600’s, underground gatherings of women became increasingly popular to create safe spaces to discuss literature, religion, and science (among other things) as they were excluded from these conversations in greater contexts. At this time women of colour were further excluded from these conversations and were forced to define their own spaces to challenge educational discrimination. 

Over the years, book clubs have served as safe havens for women to find and use their voices: culminating with perhaps the most famous book club of all: Oprah’s.  Along with creating transformative experiences for women, trans, and non-binary folks, book clubs  help centre and uplift voices of those our society has, and continues to, silence.

So we thought, let's continue the resistance!

What’s a therapeutic book club?

The therapeutic book club aims to be an inclusive and accessible way for more people to receive high quality mental health support on a range of topics. Facilitated by a trained therapist, the book club will weave together both discussion questions and group process. That means not only will you be talking about the contents of the book, but you will also be invited to discuss how the chosen book has impacted your views of yourself, your relationships, and the world around you.

How does it work?

The facilitator will choose a book and it will be advertised one month in advance (This will give you time to purchase or borrow the book). Before each session, members will be instructed to read a certain amount of the book (Ex. Chapters 1-3) and will be provided with discussion questions for that section. 

During the 2-hour sessions, the facilitator will guide the conversation in order to allow members to share as much or as little as they feel comfortable. They will highlight general themes and aid in processing individual and group experiences. 

Pilot: Closed Therapeutic Book Club
Immersive book experience

4 Weeks - 1 x 2hours a week

BCACC Suggested rate: 110$ per session ($440 total), 

we are charging 60$ per session ($240 total). Plus GST.

Why not make it a gift?

We are in the process of adding this offering to our ‘gift card’ section on the website. Pair it with the book and you’ve got yourself a present!

Is there a book you want to read? Let us know! Counsellors will be hosting book clubs throughout the year, and we’d love your suggestions.  

To hop on our waitlist contact connect@peak-resilience.com