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By Peak Resilience Team

Practicum Program

Counselling, Mental Health

Practicum Program

Our Practicum Program started in January 2021.

We centre our work as therapists in our values, and are honoured to be a part of mentoring the next generation of therapists from a perspective grounded in intersectional feminism. 

We also believe in reducing barriers to therapy and know that finances can be a major one. Working with a student will be on a sliding scale based on financial privilege. Use the guide below to help you decide a price that works for you, and you can discuss what this looks like for you with a counsellor during your intake conversation. 
Sliding Scale Payment chart — click to enlarge

Who are the students?

We’re excited to introduce you to our new practicum students! They’re pretty great - meet Jennifer (she/hers) and Allie (she/hers)

All of our practicum students are currently completing their Masters degrees in counselling psychology or social work. They each have a related Bachelor’s degree and real-world experience supporting folks in the community in different capacities. 

Our students will be working with clients 2-4 days a week for up to a year. This gives you access to long-term, high quality, and accessible counselling. One neat thing about working with a student is that you get their support and experience in the room, as well as the wisdom and insight of their supervisor. 

Each student will be supervised by a therapist on the Peak Resilience team who has more than 5 years of postgraduate experience and has been trained in clinical supervision. They’ll also do extra training and get more group support from the other therapists on the team. 

How to get started

If you’re curious about working with a practicum student, please contact Kristen (kristen@peak-resilience.com). 

As we’ve written before, it’s really important to find a counsellor who is the right fit for your needs. Sometimes this will mean that working with a practicum student won’t be in your best interests - if that’s the case, we’ll connect you with another counsellor on our team, or another resource in the community.

Want to know more? Please get in touch with any questions.