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Relationship Counselling: Not just for Couples

Relationship Counselling: Not just for Couples
Many people have heard of “relationship counselling” and view it as something that is only for couples, but that’s not the case.

As humans, we are very social creatures, and the quality of our relationships has the power to impact nearly every aspect of our lives. Think about the significant relationships in your life, they may involve one or more romantic partners, friends, parents, or siblings. Also consider the people you spend most of your time with: coworkers, roomates, or business partners. Many people enjoy the connectedness and support of a variety of relationships, but these relationships also create the potential for conflict and stress. Sometimes it’s like you’re speaking different languages, and a counsellor can be the interpreter to help you understand each other. 

At Peak Resilience we recognize that sometimes we need support and an objective observer to help us manage conflict in all types of relationships. Here are the types of relationship counselling we offer:

  • Relationship Counselling for Intimate Partners: Our therapists use specific approaches like Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and the Gottman Method to help you understand the root causes of conflict and disconnection in your intimate relationship(s). Your therapist will guide you to better understand your own process and share this with your partner to strengthen your bond through really hearing one another. Beyond just teaching communication techniques our therapists will support you to better manage conflict so that you can work your way through disagreements while still feeling like you’re on the same team. 

  • Relationship Counselling for Friends and Adult Family Relationships: I often find myself saying to my clients, “nobody pushes our buttons like family.”  We all form interactive patterns specific to other people, and the longer we’ve had a relationship with another person, the more likely we are to have deeply entrenched patterns. If these patterns aren’t always the healthiest then people may find themselves facing chronic conflict. A therapist can help you understand how family dynamics and established patterns are derailing your interactions, and how the methods you may be using to try to manage conflict may actually be perpetuating these negative patterns. 

  • Relationship Counselling for Roommates and Coworkers: Relationships are complicated enough on their own, but when we share space and responsibilities things can get even messier. A therapist can mediate conflict, and help you see where the other person is coming from. 

  • Relationship Counselling for Business Partners: A business partnership presents a situation where conflict can be pretty high stakes if you’re relying on each other to succeed and be able to put food on the table. Because of the high stakes many people will shy away from talking about the conflict which means that things can stew until the reach a boiling point. A therapist can help you to unpack the things that aren’t working for you in these relationships so you can deal with these conflicts without it impacting your bottom line. 

Here are the Peak Resilience counsellors who offer relationship counselling: Tanu Gamble, Jen Vishloff, Melissa Pickett, Elizabeth Sabine, Lani El-Guebaly, Suad Mohamed, Lauren Phelan, and Erin Green.

Jen Vishloff is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who provides individual and relationship counselling for adults. If you’re interested in working with Jen you can click here to book an appointment.