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By Peak Resilience Team

Supporting the Asian Canadian Community in Vancouver

Supporting the Asian Canadian Community

Supporting the Asian Canadian Community in Vancouver
May is Asian Canadian Heritage Month.

There are harrowing statistics of anti-asian hate crimes across North America. 

Since 2020, anti-asian hate crimes have increased by 717% in Vancouver. According to this report, Vancouver also had the highest number of reported anti-asian hate crimes in North America, with over 250 cases. The rise in anti-asian hate leaves us enraged, afraid, and looking for ways to support and uplift the Asian community.

There is so much to celebrate in the Asian Canadian community, especially in Vancouver. It is first important to recognize the diversity within the asian community: it is not a monolithic culture. Different histories, religions, languages, cuisines, and traditions (and so much more) make up the more than 40 Asian countries around the world. 

In Vancouver there is a rich blend of asian history and culture. From Historic Chinatown to the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre.

We have put together a PDF document (linked below) with businesses and organizations to support in Vancouver.  While the document includes some financial ways you can support and uplift the Asian Canadian community in Vancouver, there are more ways to do so that do not include spending money.

1. Take action
We know that Vancouver had the highest rate of anti-asian hate crimes in North America.
Enroll in free bystander intervention training.

2. Learn
Education is an important place to start in anti-racist and anti-oppression work. 
Diversify your feed: Check out 
@michellekim, @character.media, @asian.actiivist @movementforAsianLives, @asiansformentalhealth, @representasianproject, and @angryasianfeminist.

3. Use your voice
Having conversations with the people in your life about the realities of anti-asian racism in Vancouver. Call it out when you hear it. 

Check out the PDF linked below! We hope you will share it with your family, friends and greater community.

Ways you can help and learn in Vancouver.pdf 396.29 KB