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By Peak Resilience Team

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: a check in.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: a check in.
One year later, where are we?

Last year we completed Bakau Consulting’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion audit.  (We shared our findings and intentions here.)

Now that a year (ish) has passed, we wanted to update our community on how we are doing in preparation for our second audit!

We created an internal action plan for 2021 and it included these following items:

The implementation of an updated Diversity and Inclusion Workplace policy.

We are really proud of our workplace policy document (linked below).
Not only does it serve as a foundation for anti-oppressive and intersectional feminist work, but it also acts as a framework for managing any challenges that might arise in the workplace. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Compensating our team to meet once a month for anti-oppression meetings to ensure our actions align with our values.

We started by creating a White Accountability Group for white benefitting team members and a BIPOC group; recognizing that the work we have to do looks very different. 

After a few separate meetings, we then came together as a whole team to discuss hopes, guidelines, and safety. 

Peak has monthly anti-oppression meetings with those in attendance being compensated for their time. There is an expectation that all team members attend at least one meeting each quarter. 

The structure of these meetings varies from discussing specific topics (ex. Decolonization, Fat Phobia) to using the check in space to discuss and debrief current events.  Most importantly, we are reflecting on how we embody anti-oppressive practices instead of ‘checking boxes’ to get things ‘done’. We know this work is never done. 

We are building an Anti Oppression Committee to not only ensure the continuity of our anti oppression work, but to deepen our understanding and awareness of the multiple systems of oppression. We are open to ongoing discussion and feedback from our team and community and know the process and the structure of our anti oppression work may shift and change.

Building safety within our team and community and remembering trust and relations are built over time and investment.

This has been difficult during the pandemic. 

Approximately 10 days after the grand opening of our new office space, we went into lockdown. 

In addition, the demand in counselling services increased which led us to hire more incredible team members; but, the bigger our team got, the more fractured we felt. 
How are we supposed to create safety when we haven’t met? It was helpful to name this in our meetings and brainstorm ideas to make space for more connection. 

We had some virtual hangouts, outdoor picnics, and we might have made a music video...
Building safety and connection is an ongoing area of reflection for us, and we know it will also ebb and flow with the changes in restrictions as well as folks’ comfort levels. 

So what now?

We are currently planning the second annual DEI audit with Bakau Consulting, to be completed by December 2021 (yahoo!). Our hopes are for as many survey responses as possible, so we are thinking of creative ways to engage our community in this process. 

Stay tuned, we’d love to hear from you.

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