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(Ended) COVID-19 Support Groups: Building Resilience & Connection in Times of Uncertainty

(Ended) COVID-19 Support Groups: Building Resilience & Connection in Times of Uncertainty

Update 09/02/2020: At this current time, all our COVID-19 Support Groups have ended. We thank our community for their interest and participation in our groups. You can check our resource page occasionally for other support groups in the community.

Taking care of your mental health is more important now than ever. Life hasn’t paused because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now you might also be dealing with increased anxiety, the impact of social distancing, and struggles with self-care (on top of the challenges you were already navigating). We also know feeling isolated can take a major toll on your overall well-being. 

We want to invite you to join our counsellors in a free support group. Our hope is to help you connect with others in the community who are also struggling, get some new and creative ideas for coping, and reduce some of the isolation you might be experiencing. 


  • Free online support group for BC residents

  • Wednesdays at 4pm: currently full

  • Wednesdays at 6pm: currently full

  • Thursdays at 12pm: currently full

  • Tuesdays at 1pm: currently full

  • Wednesdays at 12pm: currently full

  • Please check back - there may be more dates & times upcoming!

  • Offered through Zoom, an easy-to-use and secure platform approved for Telehealth services

  • 8-10 participants per group (we’re keeping the group small to encourage connection)
    Peak clients or non-clients of all genders are welcome

  • Participants will complete a brief phone or video intake with a Peak Resilience counsellor prior to the group, and will read and agree to our Zoom group informed consent form

You can also get in touch with us at connect@peak-resilience.com if you have any questions.

Mental Health Practitioners Canada Wide: We are sharing all our info for free to promote the widespread adoption of free group support during the pandemic response. 

There is a deep well of wisdom and empathy to draw from when meeting with a group of people who are also struggling. Simply hearing “me too” lets us know that we are not alone in our experiences.
Interested in connecting with a counsellor individually?  You can fill out our GET MATCHED Form - we'll give you a personalized recommendation within 48 hours. 

You can also see our list of reduced cost and free counselling in Vancouver here. 
To continue providing free support groups to our community while remaining sustainable, we are accepting donations. 100% of the donations will be prioritized, first, to help fund the resources needed to host the groups. Any additional donations that exceed this need will help us expand our sliding scale for individual counselling.