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By Katie Dixon

Hey Ontario! Peak Resilience is here!

Welcome back Katie

Hey Ontario! Peak Resilience is here!
A lot has happened at Peak Resilience since July 2019 (to say the least): our team has grown, we have a brand new office space, we’ve moved services online… but we still think about the one that got away. That “one” is Katie Dixon - a Vancouver counsellor who moved back to Toronto to be closer to family. What a great decision for her and a loss for us. But…we’ve got some good news...

She’s baaaaaack! ?

Kind of. 

Katie is opening our virtual Peak Resilience Counselling Practice in Toronto and is offering bookings for all Ontario residents right now! We know many people in Ontario who will benefit from her therapy services grounded in intersectional feminism and we cannot wait to see Peak expand across Canada. 

Do you know anyone in the east coast? Feel free to share this link with them if you think they might be interested in therapy from an intersectional feminist lens.

Let’s hear a little from Katie to see what she’s been up to… 

Since moving to Toronto, I began working at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) developing and running the first counselling support program for staff with my colleague and good friend, Avni. Together, we provided individual and group psychotherapy, workshops and post-debrief sessions after critical incidents. This experience brought to light how passionate I am about workplace wellness and inspired Avni and I to offer workplace mental health consulting to businesses in Toronto. 

When my time at CAMH came to an end, I thought seriously about what else I wanted. Looking back, the most rewarding time in my career was when I was in Vancouver in 2018 and 2019. During that time, I was facilitating anxiety support groups through the Mindfulness program at the YMCA when I learned about Peak Resilience. I remember it was on a long ride back from one of our Surrey support groups when my boss at the time, Sarah Blackmore, told me about this incredible team of counsellors she is a part of. When I got the chance to meet with Jen, I could tell right away that she was different and that the Peak Resilience practice was something special. 

I joined the first team meeting shortly after and  quickly saw that I was amongst a group of NEXT LEVEL, progressive, and highly intelligent counsellors with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.  I could sense that this was a community where you could be vulnerable and be your authentic self, a perfect environment to grow as a therapist.  I walked away from that meeting completely inspired and unbelievably grateful.My year on the Peak Resilience team was life changing working with a wonderful set of clients, and feeling supported by the many meetings, consultations and supervisions. 

This is why I am so excited to be back on the team and honored to be a part of the expansion of Peak Resilience to the East coast! I know we will be a welcomed addition in supporting the mental health of the Toronto community!