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By Peak Resilience Team

Our Re-Opening Plan

Our Re-Opening Plan
Procedures and protocols in this blog post may be out of date. For the most up-to-date information on what actions our practice is taking right now, please visit our Pandemic Protocols page

      As part of BC’s Phase-2 Restart Plan, we are thrilled to share that we'll be partially reopening the Peak Resilience office as of Monday, June 15th, starting with a limited number of in-person sessions.Our team has been hard at work implementing systems and barriers to ensure your safety, but we need to work together. Below you'll find a list of precautions Peak is taking, as well as the ways we need your help.

We fully respect our team’s autonomy. Some counsellors may not be returning to in-person sessions just yet, and we support that act of self-care. If your counsellor has not returned to the office and you’d prefer an in-person appointment, please contact your regular counsellor who can temporarily match you with another member of our team.

What Peak Resilience is doing:

  • Staggered appointments: We'll have a limited number of in-person sessions available and appointment slots will be offered at 15 minute increments to better manage client flow.

  • Contactless payments: E-transfer payments will be available for clients who wish to pay via Interac. Credit card payments can be processed through our Jane software and require a one-time set up. Cash payments and debit terminal using the pay terminal will not be accepted at this time.

  • Face masks: Our team is encouraged to wear face masks in all common areas. It is up to each client and counsellor to determine if face masks will be worn in-session.

  • Office assignments: We're doing our best to ensure that counsellors are assigned to their own meeting rooms. Each of our counselling spaces can accommodate a two meter distance between client and counsellor.

  • One-way in and out: Our office will be marked with arrows for one-way traffic in and out the office. Please arrive through the front door and exit through the back door. Office doors will be propped open to reduce contact.

  • Regular sterilizing: We are stocking up on disinfectant supplies and our team will sanitize all common surfaces regularly and between sessions.

  • Clean hands: We'll have hand sanitizer stations available in every meeting room and in all common areas. Counsellors will wash hands before and after each client.

  • Electronic screening: Ahead of scheduled appointments, all clients will be prompted to complete a brief questionnaire to screen for COVID-19 symptoms. If you have reason to believe you are sick, have been exposed to COVID-19, or have any symptoms, you’ll  be asked to shift to a virtual appointment. 

  • Virtual check-in: Upon arriving, you now have the option to scan a QR code or visit peakresilience.janeapp.com/checkin to let us know you have arrived online 

What we need you to do:

  • Arrive on time, not early: We know you love our waiting room (so do we!), but seating will be reduced during the initial re-opening phase. Please try to arrive no more than 5 minutes ahead of your appointment. 

  • Maintain a safe distance: Please maintain a minimum two meter distance between yourself and others.

  • Stay home if you’re sick: If you’re feeling unwell, please stay home and contact your counsellor to arrange a virtual session.

  • Face masks: We encourage you to wear a face mask when travelling to and from our office. Once you’re comfortably situated in one of our rooms, you and your counsellor can decide if you would like to keep them on.

  • Double-check your Jane appointment: We’ll be offering both virtual and in-person session options through our Jane schedule - it’ll be more important than ever to double check your appointment booking and make sure you and your counsellor will be showing up to the same space.

  • Be patient and flexible: We’d like to think that we have thought of every possible scenario when it comes  to safely re-opening our office during the pandemic. The reality is that we are just as new to this as you are. We hope that you can be understanding and flexible as we work out the kinks!

Although we were initially nervous about the switch to online sessions (much like Lori Gottlieb), we have been so grateful to connect with you virtually - to be invited into your homes, and see your pets and your lives outside of the counselling office. Even though we’re so excited to gradually and safely re-open our office space, we encourage you to stay home and stick with virtual sessions if that’s what’s best for you. We can really see that virtual sessions will have a place in our practice moving forward to make counselling more accessible.

For some, there are also many valid reasons to return to in-person counselling, including safety, privacy, and your own level of comfort (not to mention wanting to be in a room with another human!). We encourage you to check in with yourself and have a conversation with your counsellor to figure out what is best for you. Our hope is that many of you continue to meet your counsellors from home in your pyjamas! The fight to stop the spread of COVID-19 is not over, and we must all be thoughtful in our efforts to stop the spread.

We're in this together.

The Peak Resilience Team